GIFT BOX - Silver Needles

GIFT BOX - Silver Needles


For us, this is the perfect gift for someone who you truly cared for!  A box of pure white tea buds, harvested during the earliest spring.  It is ultra high quality white tea from the ancient cultivar of the Camellia sinensis plant. 


The box was especially designed by Ato Gaido for The White Tea Shop.


Ato Gaido is a company that designs "characterized teas" called Gaidos.   "Yin Zhen" is one of the characterized teas especially  designed by Ato Gaido for white tea.  


Each box contains:


  • 100 grams of pure silver needles white tea in a reusable paper can, 
  • a set of collectible stickers with Ato Gaido tea characters,
  • a tea journal to keep record of your thoughts while you were drinking white tea
  • a collectible trading card which will set you to learn more about white tea! 





    Notes of fresh pear, fruit-y, floral. Light, subtle, reminds you of the early spring.


    Best paired with fruits and sweets


    First Steeping:

    • 3 grams, 150 -200  ml

    •  85-95  Degrees Celsius

    • 30-45 seconds


    Second Steeping

    • Re-steep for 5 minutes


    Third Steeping

    • Re-steep using longer brewing time