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 In the Chinese scientific treatise written by Tian Yiheng, "Zhuquan Xiaopin",  it was mentioned that green tea is only second to white tea since white tea has a natural taste, that is not influenced by smoke, water, or heat.

But there are more.  White Tea is a beverage, an art, and a science.

White tea is a beverage that helps heal, protect, refresh and hydrate. It calms tired minds, soothes our aches and pains.
A good artisan tea is a slow food that may take time and accuracy to prepare but the best things in life are .... like that!



Remember that tea was first consumed as a medicine before it was a beverage.

We want to remind you that tea is one of the plants that contain one of the most potent non-nutritive compounds that can manage, prevent or delay human sicknesses. 


White tea is a yummy addition to a diet that promotes wellness.


Pour white tea for someone. It shows love, care, and attention to quality.


What is your favorite homemade white tea blend? Rosebuds, calendula, mint, lemon, vanilla... the options are infinite.

“You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea and that's kind of the same thing."


Happiness is attainable.

Tea is always associated with relaxation and calmness.


Thanks to the compound L-theanine present in tea which helps calm our minds and nerves.

Adding a healthy beverage in your diet such as white tea can support a longer healthspan. Healthspan is defined by Levy and Levin on article The Biostatistics of aging as "living life to the fullest" or "the maintenance of full function as nearly as possible to the end of life". 2-3 cups a day of white tea and feel the benefits.


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