The closest that you can get to the real tea plant.

Our White Teas are harvested from UNCLONED tea cultivars -- Cloning teas can yield double or triple the harvests, but we prefer to leave it to nature. 



The highest quality of white tea is usually from the  Silver Needle variety.  


Silver Needles white tea is made from pure buds or the unopened leaflets of the tea plant.  The buds which make this tea variety, are harvested twice a year - during the early spring; and late autumn.   The White Tea Shop Silver Needles white tea is always from the harvest of spring.

Silver Needle White Tea has a subtle, mild taste that will remind you of crisp fresh pear. The buds can be re-steeped multiple times.

  • White tea is an excellent source of antioxidants

  • Zero calories

  • Mild, no bitterness

  • Contains natural L-Theanine that promotes calmness

  • Helps in managing obesity and weightloss

  • Helps in managing metabolic disorders

  • Helps prevent pre-mature aging


  • Helps heal sun-damaged skin

  • Helps relieve fine wrinkles 

  • Helps boost immune system! 

  • 100% Natural , 100% Vegan

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In the Chinese scientific treatise written by Tian Yiheng, "Zhuquan Xiaopin",  it was mentioned that green tea is only second to white tea since white tea has a natural taste, that is not influenced by smoke, water, or heat.

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S H O P  N O W

White Tea (Silver Needles)

White Tea (Silver Needles)

Made from high quality white tea made from pure buds harvested during the early spring; AED 110

WHITE TEA (Silver Needles)

WHITE TEA (Silver Needles)

100 grams in eco-friendly paper cans, re-usable and biodegradable; AED 150

White Tea (Silver Needles)

White Tea (Silver Needles)

10 x individual packs of high quality Silver Needles White Tea, perfect for office, school or for traveling; AED 60

White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)

White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)

White tea that is made from 1 bud and 2 leaflets. 1 box with 10 packs; AED 40